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This is a flowering Lophophora williamsii; better known as the peyote cactus. In Mexican tradition only a shaman is allowed to use (chew) the dried slices of this cactus to enhance his visions. In fact this cactus has hallucinating properties comparable with mescaline/LSD (Read Aldous Huxley: Doors of Perception). The last time I was in Texas (not that long ago) I noticed that this cactus is a very popular ‘window-dresser’. Saw thousands of them in pots and trays in Houston, Austin and Dallas. And that in a state with such  strict narcotics laws and regulations …



    I knew that was an issue between the us gov. And Native American traditions. Although only live about to years, I have noticed in summer
    That the summer the pink flower cactus, in the stores. Planted in flower boxes. Texas hmmm! Your cactus story reminded me of youth on military basis, who were puzzled that the flow of illegal immigrants past through every day. I had on the coast and most people I new were gentle folk.
    I am sure they are inside by now, the rain and the humidity, word been torture by watering.


    Would have been not word have been. When thinking I do not pay attention to my typing.


    I have lived on the coast. Correct. Oh well, once you start habit, it is hard to break.

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