Portraiture 1

During the years I made quite a number of portraits. Recently I started to rework a few into extra-ordinary (fun) portraits.

Rob Nzaou lived until a few years in Wolvengat in the Western Cape, South Africa. Since he is back in Congo he’s getting more and more known abroad. (Shall I move to the Congo as well??? (LOL) Incredible good (street-)photographer. Miss him here in South Africa.

Bull Attack — Studio 98

A Photo-Graphic is basically a photo with textures and digital in-painting/drawing. In this example I also ‘liquidised’ parts of the bull.

Bull Attack — Studio 98

Portrait of a Kelp Gull (?)

Headshot of a juvenile Southern Black-backed Gull, locally also known as Kelp Gull.

Well that is what I decided after consulting my bird books.

First I thought it was a Hartlaubs Gull but that one only occurs at the coast along KZN and (partly) the Eastern Cape according to ‘The Complete book of Southern African Birds’.

Now it seems that there is another book which shows that this specie only occurs along the coast of the Western Cape.

South African bird books can be very confusing.