Looking a bit naughty

Photo-collage of an African Fish Eagle and Spanish photo-model Maria Angeles -Porcel showing off earrings made of Sterling Silver combined with natural bonded earth minerals/pigments.

With love

Necklace made by my wife Yvonne. This weekend for sale at the Greyton Art Walk in Greyton, South Africa (2-4 December). It is one of the largest art events in the Western Cape, South Africa. Two weeks ago all accommodation in and around Greyton was fully booked; merely by ‘arty’ Capetonians and Gautengers.

(Photo model: Spanish beauty Maria Angeles-Porcel)

I shot ….

Chris Cloete; the driving force behind the Greyton Art Walk a few years ago.

The Greyton Art Walk is one of the major art events in the Western Cape, South Africa. This weekend (2-4 December) in Greyton, South Africa.

Capetonians seem not to like this …

This is a Photo-Graphic of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

A Photo-Graphic is basically a photograph (or photo collage) with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing.

The Capetonians we had in our studio don’t like it. Maybe they don’t have imagination … I don’t know. The response was that it has the shape of Table Mountain but it is not the Table Mountain they know.

Anyway; we got a barefooted farmer from the Karoo in. He looked at it for almost half an hour and he saw exactly what was happening (something we are not going to explain). “This is how I see Cape Town”, he said. To make a long story short: This A1 sized canvas print (1 of a limited series of 5) is sold.

Want to see it for yourself? Visit this weekend the Greyton Art Walk (2-4 December) in Greyton and SEE ME in the DR-Church Hall.