It’s dense.

Herman van Bon Photography

I’m “More than the Sum of all Parts”

It’s very difficult for me to write about myself. I did many attempts in the past to explain myself in the ‘About’ page of this blog; I never succeeded. Now that there is some more income from my work I can afford to hire a copywriter. Co-incidentally in my own village (not that I own the village .. but you understand) I met this woman who was intrigued by my work and she was a former senior editor of one of the major publishing houses in South Africa before she decided to go ‘free-lance’. Well you can read about me in the ‘about’ page.

South Africa’s largest wooden watermill ….

.. in Elim hasn’t been used for quite a while.

Two years ago it was working nicely after a long restoration period and there were big plans for its use (grinding flour, etc.) but it seems that (local?) politics caused non-activity. Pity.