Jersey cows

It is generally accepted that the first Jerseys were imported by Mr. Adrian van der Byl of Roodebloem Estate, Woodstock, Cape, from Jersey Island, in the early 1880’s, with 1881 as the most probable date. These Jerseys are pictured at Elandskloof Farm near Napier in the Western Cape, South Africa.

First light

Lockdown South Africa: Day 79. Level 3: Day 13

One photo daily and all photos in Black & White and in and around Napier, Overberg region, Western Cape, South Africa.

Today’s picture: First light of the day

Today’s special

This morning we first enjoyed a magnificent sunrise followed by the usual stroll through ‘Tamatie Kraal’ at the other side of the village (Napier, Western Cape, South Africa). There is some local witchcraft over there. Back via the local super market and on the way admiring the nostrils of a Lippizaner and a complaining Bach about an empty food tray. Finishing off via the local pottery and a delicious eggs & bacon at Fabio (who for the photo-opportunity lowered his face mask).


This is community spirit of the highest level during the lockdown (over 50 days now) in South Africa.

It’s happening in Napier, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa.

Where politics fail there are the Soup Sisters. Great initiative; widely supported by local businesses, farmers and private donations.