Art at Studio98 in Napier, South Africa

Except for my own photographs and Photo-Graphics plus the jewellery designs of my wife Yvonne de Wit, Studio98 also shows work of other artists such as Martie Gerber, Kevin Doveton and Jon Daamen. Not all are for sale but we can bring you in contact with the artists.

Here are a wall sculpture of At Prinsloo and rock art by Indonesian born Sam Siyahaya (RIP).

Sandies Glen

Depending from which side you drive to Sandies Glen it can also be named as Sandy Glen. Anyway it’s tucked away in the heart of the Overberg and many escapists from Cape Town know to find the diverse retreats such as Sondags Kloof and Hearth & Soul (just google). The nearest supermarket is about 50 kilometres, mainly via a gravel road. Central in Sandies Glen is the Moravian Church. The original population has mainly migrated to more habited areas for work and since long the church is not in use anymore. The lock at the gate tells its own story.

There you go!

Until tomorrow there is the art event Creative Napier. 

17 artists from the village present their work in their home studios and in venues in the village. 

My work can be seen at Studio98 along the main road together with that of jewellery designs by Yvonne de Wit, a few miniature steam engines by Kevin Doveton and ‘Tales of the forest’ by Marthie Gerber.

The first two days of this event were very successful. 

Thank you for your support.