Lunch in the village

The fire

It’s not only California that suffers from fire during the Summer months. It’s Summer here in South Africa and almost no day without a fire in the Western Cape. Recently, for the second time in a month, just outside our village.

‘Muddy Waters’ performing in the village

My village from a distance

If you know in which house we live you can point it out. Shot from a distance of 15 km.

‘Early’ in the morning in the village

Well … some think that 9AM is early


Garfield is the mutual friend of all villagers. It’s a stray tomcat and sleeps every night in another place. I also call him the ‘Informal Mayor’ of our village. Never begs for food but always grateful when he gets. It’s not a young tomcat; Garfield needs his sleep between the local adventures. 

Frikkie’s Golden Hour

(Frikkie Marais is the vicar/referent of the Dutch Reformed Church in our village)

Building Lifestyle

Somewhere in the bushes outside the village.

A village awakes

A village awakes (2 pictures)