Witchcraft in the village

In the meantime in the outback of the village

Evening in the village

Morning in the village

Morning in the village


Whenever I hear or read ‘Retirement Village’ (and with all respect!) I get an association with a phase between life and after-life. Yesterday I was standing on a hill and I pictured this symbolic view. It’s indeed very close.

Local Talent in the village 2

Yes; Napier (South Africa) has talent. This weekend two of them will perform during the annual ‘Patatfees’ (Sweet Potato Festival). Coached by local musicians/sound engineers they improved a lot during the past year. Ready for the big stage. He will perform in the cococola truck at the grounds of the Protea Primary School this Friday …

Lunch in the village

The fire

It’s not only California that suffers from fire during the Summer months. It’s Summer here in South Africa and almost no day without a fire in the Western Cape. Recently, for the second time in a month, just outside our village.

‘Muddy Waters’ performing in the village

My village from a distance

If you know in which house we live you can point it out. Shot from a distance of 15 km.