Truffles anyone?

My wife Yvonne makes the best truffles in town and the rest of South Africa and maybe even the best in the world. It’s an old Dutch recipe and part of the ingredients have to come from abroad such as the cocoa for the simple reason there is no premium quality cocoa available in South Africa.

It’s a hobby between her jewellery design and jewellery creating activities; all unique pieces and genuine handmade.

But this is about truffles. This morning she sold them on a market in the village and guess what? Sold out within the shortest possible time!!! Picture left: Yvonne flanked by Italian master chef Roberto and his South African wife Marissa.

Author: Herman van Bon Photography

" I like to explore the possibilities and limits of digital art, I just let it flow to see where it can go, sometimes the end result appears quickly, sometimes the creative process takes months and other times  the creation dies in its own beauty". 

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