Some Photo-Graphics

A ‘Photo-Graphic’ is basically a photo (or photo-collage) with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing. Exactly like that and without the use of special photo software that does it all for you (such a Smart Editor, etc.) Creating a ‘Photo-Graphic’ my way is very time consuming; sometimes it takes days before I’m satisfied and a few days afterwards I’m sometimes not so satisfied.

Here are some I’m not satisfied about but you may still like it.

Between 27 and 30 December there is the art event Creative Napier in Napier, South Africa. 17 artists from the village present their work in their home studios and in venues in the village. My work can be seen at Studio98 along the main road. and you will certainly not see the ones below…..


It’s very rare that Napier based photographer Herman van Bon exhibits ‘outdoors’; partly because (South African) galleries demand a commission of up to 70% of the sales (most ask 40 to 50%) and partly because the photographer wants to keep his business in his own hands. But there are exceptions like 3 Photo’s projected on Times Square in New York in 2015 or being part of a group exhibition in a Los Angeles Art Center a few years later. Nowadays his North- and Middle American interests are organised via a few agents and the printing is done on location. 

Most impact had the UNESCO exhibition ‘The Invisible visible’ in Oslo (2016/17) where he was selected with 127 other photographers from around the globe by a previous PRADO (Madrid) photography curator. The review was a nice surprise form him:

“To call him a landscape photographer is akin to describing Table Mountain as a large flat rock. To label him as a graphic artist also leaves much to be desired. A photo-graphic artist? Unwieldy and lacklustre.

The fact of the matter is that Herman van Bon as a photographer and as an artist is not easily pigeon-holed. Words fall short when describing his work and how he achieves it. In this case, his pictures are more than the sum of their parts.

Although a good photographer’s landscapes are far from flat, the observer does, in most cases, get what he or she sees: a representation of a country or marine scene.

So far, so good.

For Herman, however, the capturing of a landscape is just the beginning. It is his playground. He starts to experiment and explore and play, using different kinds of photo-processing and –developing software and techniques, and, organically, his pictures begin to grow.

Layer by layer, the original shot metamorphosises into something extraordinary. Textures, tones, figures, symbols, quirky composites, and what appear figments of the imagination to the eye are included.

This process can take weeks.

The result is a contemporary, deeply personal interpretation, a fascinating fantasia of different forms, as far away from just a landscape full of special effects as you and I could imagine. “

This coming weekend there is another exception. This time nearby; at Marina Blight’s ‘GRACE’ in Bredasdorp. Marina is an artist (painting) who opens her house once a month for two days to show her own work and that of a guest artist. 

4 and 5 November is another exception: Last year Marina Blight from Bredasdorp exhibited at Studio98 and -Noblesse Oublige- this coming Friday and Saturday Herman exhibits 6 of his Photo-Graphics in Marina Blight’s GRACE in Bredasdorp.

At Grace Herman will display 6 of his latest Photo-Graphics. a Photo-Graphic is basically a photo or photo-collage with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing. They are all printed on high quality canvas in sizes A1 and A0. 

See for yourself (a few examples):

Some new photo-graphics

I always try to go beyond the ‘ordinary’ photograph.

My Photo-Graphics are an example of it.

A Photo-Graphic is basically a photograph (or photo-collage) with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing.

Here a few of the latest. Let me know what you think of it. (Thanks)

Something different …

And now something completely different… :

‘African Solitude’

‘Photo-Graphic’ by Herman van Bon (@hermanvanbon) Available at Studio98 in Napier, South Africa.

A ‘Photo-Graphic is basically a photo (or collage) with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing.

For your agenda: Last week of December the second edition of #CreativeNapier in Napier, South Africa. 15 local Artists presenting new work.

The first edition of this event, a month ago, was a great success with many visitors and sales.Studio98 along the main road is the residence of Yvonne de Wit (Design Jewellery) and Herman van Bon (photography/photographics)

Haiku Age

Getting old is like
watching yourself riel dancing
in self reflection

24-26 September: 14 artists of Napier present their work in 10 different locations in Napier. Studio98 is home of photographer Herman van Bon and jewellery designer Yvonne de Wit.