The ‘Rusticks’ of Jane de Beer

The village we live in (Napier, Western Cape, South Africa) has some interesting surprises even people from the village itself don’t know about.

The walking sticks or our backdoor neighbour Jane de Beer are a good example. She named it ‘Rusticks’.

She explains: “When  a seemingly useless, dead branch of a felled alien tree or shrub is handcrafted into a useful object of a different beauty, it  truly denotes innovation! That is what your pictures so splendidly portray. A creative opportunity presented itself when my observant eye spotted heaps of felled, alien pine, bluegum, myrtle and mimosa trees while walking in the open Renosterveld region”.

The dreary sight of discarded, dead wood sparked a creative flame which resulted in a radical transformation:  Novel, rustic walking sticks! These rusticks are uniquely one of a kind. Each stick is carefully sourced and sawn into an interesting shape, then debarked and scraped to expose the wood. The procedure requires enthusiasm, dedication and patience to lay bare the beauty of the wood which is finally sanded down, smooth to the touch. The sticks are repeatedly oiled to feed and protect the dry wood. It is finally fitted with a ferrule and loop. An object of surprising beauty is now ready to become any owner’s  joy forever!

“Apart from the artistic delight the crafting of the rusticks brings, my driving passion behind it all was simply to avail any enthusiastic walker the pleasure and satisfaction of walking in the veld, on the beach, or around town, owning a lifelong walking companion: A rustick of  style and character, unique in appearance, useful and with renewed value!”


Some jewels with jewellery

Sometimes I’m asked to picture jewellery of my wife, jewellery designer Yvonne de Wit (Instagram@ @yvonnedewitjewelry). Here a few of the professional photo-models I was picturing for other purposes, who were willing to showcase some of het jewellery. It’s all Yvonne’s own design and it is genuine handmade (from melting Sterling silver pellets and other metals to the finishing touch)

Models shown below are Anette, Sheila, Eveline, Dorothy and Maryam (respectively from France, Malawi and Kenya)

Thank you!!!

In the past few years I’ve worked with many known and lesser known photo models. Some have quite an attitude and others are more modest but then; aren’t we all different?

Some of them I could persuade for an additional short session with jewellery of my wife Yvonne (Instagram: @yvonnedewitjewelry).

Out of gratitude to my wife and those models (from Kenya, Malawi, Europe and South Africa) here a series in black and white.

Photo Model of the day

Being above, let’s say 60 years, does not mean that you are not suitable for photo modelling. Here is Heidi; an elderly woman in her retirement years and she is great.

All Black & White in fairly high contrast. Love B&W!!!

Jewellery at ‘Creative Napier’

Yvonne de Wit is my wife and together we run Studio98 in Napier, South Africa. Yvonne designs and create jewellery made of copper, Sterling Silver combined with natural bonded (no artificial resins) earth particles/pigments which she adds layer for layer in the designated parts of her jewellery. This is a very time consuming work.

As far as known she is the only jeweller in this specialism. It took her 2 years to discover (and experiment with) the right plant material to bind the earth/pigments to a solid, frost-, heat- and water-resistant stone.

This coming weekend we are part of of the art event Creative Napier where 14 artists from the village present their work in 10 locations.

Follow the hashtag #creativenapier

CREATIVE NAPIER #PopUp Art Weekend24 – 26 September 2021Fri to Sun: Daily from 10am – 5pm.
Yvonne’s and my work at Studio98 at 98 Sarel Cilliers Street (main road) in Napier; 100 meters pass the church towards Bredasdorp.