Experiment: Reduction B&W with toning and texturising 4 (two pictures)

The previous 3 postings showed some archive pictures I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve used all my software to achieve the results. But only two results I’m content about. The first is ‘In pursuit of the future’. I wanted to draw in viewer into the truck and at the same time the viewer wants move away …

Crossing the Barrier

20 Odd years after ‘apartheid’ there are still some barriers to overcome in South Africa. This village (Stanford, Western Cape) is not an exception although the relations between people of different walks of life are relatively good and more on equal base than we experienced in some other places in the ‘Rainbow Nation’. There is …

Arum Lily

In Afrikaans also named ‘Varkoor’ (Pig’s Ear). Arum lilies grow in abundance in our part of the Rainbow Nation.

Time according to Rosendahl 2

Yes! I live in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ šŸ˜‰

And the Walk continues …..

….. Living in the Spirit of an universal Icon

The Rainbow Nation Cactus

At last; after years of trial and error, hard labor, blablabla (etc.), I succeeded in breeding a new imaginary cactus specie. May I proudly present the first Rainbow Nation Cactus ever. I named it Ferocactus Mandela.

Rainbow Nation Cloud ….

…… after some photoshopping. See also previous posting.

Rainbow Nation Clouds

This morning between 10:30 and 10:35: Rainbow Nation clouds passing Stanford in the Western Cape. Is there still hope for South Africa?

Yes!! South Africa is THE Rainbow Nation